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San Leandro Players' auditions for "Chaos at the Cannery" by Gary McCarver, directed by Dana Chohlis, Ed.D., are Monday, 8/27/18 and Tuesday, 8/28/18; callbacks Thursday, 8/30/18 from 7pm to 8:30 pm at the San Leandro Museum/Auditorium, 320 West Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro (next to the historic Casa Peralta, and 2 blocks east of the San Leandro BART Station). All ethnicities encouraged, non-AEA, no pay. Rehearsals begin Tuesday, 9/4/18. Open auditions; read from script. Some singing required (this is a play with music). Appointments possible. Please contact Dana Chohlis at danabegood@yahoo.com.

"Chaos at the Cannery" runs Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm 10/20 thru 11/18/18, and Fridays at 8pm 11/9 and 11/16/18.

"Chaos at the Cannery" is an old-fashioned melodrama (see website for more info and script review www.heroandvillain.com); set in San Leandro in the late 1800's.

Cast of Characters:

Dan Belford - Owner of the Belford & Company Cannery

Cora Belford - Dan's loving wife and a devoted mother

Felicity Belford - Heroine & Belford's eldest daughter

Nellie Belford - Belford's young daughter

Snake - The town's new sheriff, swindled by The Professor on a train (his given name is Mort, but don't call Snake that!)

Professor Phineas T. Mack - A gambler, con-man, scoundrel and villain impersonating as the town's sherrif (pre-cast)

Des Berado - The Professor's former shill and sidekick.  Wants to "go straight" but the Professor has other plans.

Oliver Sudden - Handsome new cannery foreman singing and dancing his way into the hears of San Leandro and Felicity.

Drew Blood - A cannery worker who figured he'd be foreman, so he has a score to settle with Oliver Sudden.

Cody Pendant - Shy cannery worker.  Sweet on Sue Fley.

Faye Tality - The notorious owner of the Paloma Linda "dance hall" & palmistry parlor; formerly with Professor Inferno's Circus (pre-cast)

Sue Fley - Paloma Linda "dance hall" girl.  Sweet on Cody Pendent.  Vivacious and "how you say" new to English.  Oui?

Shirley Knott - Paloma Linda "dance hall" girl.

April May - Paloma Linda "dance hall" girl.

Natalie Drest - Our piano player (recorded) bringing melodramatic antics to life tinkling out the tunes every melodrama needs.

Paige Turner - Our cue-card maven helps the audience remember their part in the production by holding up cue-cards such as "Hiss - Booo", "Aaah" or even "Shameful Plug."  (pre-cast).



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