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Auditions for "The Mousetrap" will be held Tuesday 5/22/18 and  Wednesday 5/23/18 from 7pm to 8:30pm at the San Leandro Museum Auditorium, 320 West Estudillo Avenue.
"The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie, directed by Mark O'Neill is  the world's longest running play.  Set in 1952 at The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor in England, "The Mousetrap" is a classic murder mystery with intrigue, suspense and plot twists that has delighted audiences for over sixty years. 

Ensemble cast; read from script. No pay; non-Equity. M-F; all ages; ethnicities encouraged. Rehearsals begin 5/28 (Mon-Thurs eves). Performances: Sat at 8pm and Sun at 2pm, 7/21 thru 8/19/18, plus 2 Fridays at 8pm 8/10 and 8/17/18.  Auditions at the San Leandro Museum/Auditorium, 320 West Estudillo Ave, San Leandro. Open call; appointments possible. Contact Mark O'Neill at actor.markoneill@gmail.com or (415)735-7801. Visit our website at www.slplayers.org.  Check out the play at: https://www.samuelfrench.com/p/898/the-mousetrap.

Here are the roles:

MOLLIE RALSTON - tall, pretty young woman with an ingenuous air (20's-30's) 
GILES RALSTON - arrogant, attractive young man (20's-30's) 
CHRISTOPHER WREN - wild-looking neurotic young man (30's) 
MRS BOYLE - a large, imposing woman in a very bad temper (PRECAST)
MAJOR METCALF - middle-aged, very military man (50+) 
MISS CASEWELL - manly-type woman (30+).
MR. PARAVICINI - foreign, dark and elderly (60+) 
DETECTIVE SERGEANT TROTTER - local detective (30+) 

Opportunity for stage crew/lights & sound operators. Any age, M-F.

Opportunity for stage crew/lights & sound operators. Any age, M-F.


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